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Uncle Milton - Marvel Science -Thor Lightning Energy Hammer

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  • This Thor Lightning Energy Hammer from ThinkGeek is both a nightlight and a metal detector. When it’s in the base, it lights up while it charges. Once it’s powered up, you can use it to detect metal. Not only that, once it locates metal, it lights up, plays a tune and crackles and sizzles to simulate lightining.

    Feel the power of Thor with this awesome Thor Lightning Energy Hammer, which flashes with light and sound. The really cool thing about this hammer is that it works as a metal detector too. How cool is that? Thor Lightning Energy Hammer For Ages 6 years and up Flashes with light and sound Works as [...]

  • The Thor Lightning Energy Hammer will be able to flash with light and sound of its own, but you are able to add your very own vocal sound effects if you wish to do so, letting out the inner child in you along the way. It might not be able to cut down Frost Giants with impunity, but it does double up as a metal detector, sporting a light-up display base with an energy charge coin that bears Thor’s emblem. Powered by a couple of AAA batteries instead of magic, any kid worth his or her salt would definitely want to have this by their bedside table – and some adults too, I believe.

    Uncle Milton Marvel Science; Thor Lightning Energy Hammer

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    Harness the power and energy of Thor's Lightning Hammer. Detect iron-containing metal; just like a metal detector; and then watch as it flashes with light and sound! Includes display base and energy-charging coin.

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