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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Tiger-tastic 3 Pack

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  • More fascinating than gruesome, the drama of life and death unfolds in amazing detail. During the Living With Tigers DVD, a handheld camera hovers inches from Julie's jaws as she prowls, while a clever, head-mounted surveillance camera captures Ron's point of view as he closes in for the kill – the very first POV images ever recorded from a large predator while hunting. It is a documentary unlike any other – an intimate, step-by-step look at the transition of two zoo-born tigers into the wild as they struggle to become independent and self-sufficient, while serving as pioneers for captive tigers everywhere.

    Buy the Living With Tigers DVD, and follow along as two captive Bengal tiger cubs grow to adulthood and attempt to move from captivity to the wild with the aid of human trainers.

  • Follow the journey from cuddly cub to professional assassin – all captured on film and video – as the youngsters' feral instincts slowly emerge in the African wilderness. The wild tigers DVD Living With Tigers teaches that instinctively, all cats will stalk. However, it is the killing technique that must be learned by watching their mothers. In the Dave Salmoni DVD Living With Tigers you watch as without their parent's guiding example, the cubs clumsily cut their teeth on large antelope – often holding on for dear life.

    I don't understand your problem: is it (a) you have the Tiger install DVD but your Mac's DVD drive doesn't work; or (b) you have a working DVD drive but you don't have the Tiger install DVD at all.

  • In the Living With Tigers DVD you meet two Bengal tiger cubs born in a Cincinnati zoo, Ron and Julie. They have spent the last three years being taught how to hunt and live in the wild of South Africa by human teachers John Varty – veteran naturalist and cameraman – and young Canadian zoologist and cat-handler Dave Salmoni. The Bengal tigers DVD Living With Tigers shares the facts that if they can be successfully integrated into the wild, they could become the forerunners of an audacious plan to help save the world's population of wild tigers.

Tiger Mask Dvd Collection Vol.2

If it's (b), where did you get those "downloaded" toast-type Tiger install files? Is this some sort of bootleg effort to install without the actual OS X Tiger DVD. (I'm assuming it is not, but if it is, follks on these forums generally don't support such efforts.)