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Legend of Zelda Stuffed Toy Link Plush 7.5 Toys

Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory Toy

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  • Protect yourself with heroic Link's colorful shield when you carry this fun Zelda costume toy into your next costume party! The Zelda Costume Toy Link's Shield is silver with blue, red and yellow highlights including the crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule, from the videogame series !

    Toy links can be joined together to create a tether for toys. Connect the number of links needed to create the desired length for the tether, then latch one end to baby’s toy and the other end to baby’s stroller, stationary entertainer, jumper, diaper bag, or other baby gear.

  • Prove you're a true hero by wielding the Master Sword at your next party with this fun Zelda costume sword and scabbard! The Zelda Costume Toy Link's Scabbard and Sword is silver, blue, indigo, purple and gold. It features the sword used by the heroic Link in the videogame series to vanquish evil, and a handsome scabbard to house the sword!

Includes 24 on the go fun links ..