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Neon Tambourine Party Accessory by US Toy

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  • The fact that tambourines are used in such a wide variety of musical genres goes some way to explaining their popularity. Certainly as far as children are concerned, a tambourine's simplicity means it can be used by kids of different ages and different levels of musical ability. Toy tambourines are therefore a brilliantly cost-effective way to introduce your child to the wonders of rhythm-making without breaking the bank on something like a toy drum kit that might get limited use.

    Toy tambourines vary greatly in their styles and sounds. Some are circular whilst others are more of a half-moon shape. Some just have a series of metal jingles to make the sound whereas others have a traditional drumhead too. Some even have in-built electronics that make flashing noises when the instrument is struck!

  • Let your child’s creativity and imagination soar with a ! It’s easy to play with and is such a great instrument to introduce your child to during the early years. A DIY toy tambourine is a great way to get the kids involved, especially if you have older children as well. Children love noisy toys and are a great way to bring a smile on your child’s face.

    This lovely little toy tambourine is colourful and decorative. With a jungle theme design and parrot sitting on a branch, the tambourine is great musical gift idea for little musicians. The patten and design of this toy tambourine is in the same style as the also from Djeco.

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    Desc.:Baby mini plastic toy tambourines instrument for sale
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    Ctn size.:79*40*77  cm

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Multicolored toy tambourine with cymbals.