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PLAYMOBIL NHL Zamboni Machine

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  • Zimmerman also rigged up a toy Zamboni with markers attached. Using similar switch mechanics, the child "drives" the Zamboni, which swirls the marker colours on the page.

    Desks just seem to acquire a large amount of crumbs. If you’re worried about keeping it tidy, then this little Zamboni is here to help you out with that. It looks like nothing more than a tiny toy Zamboni for you to goof off at work with. However, when you catch grief over it, you can merely point out that it’s incredibly useful. This Zamboni Desk Vacuum comes from , so you’ll have to contact them to find out more about purchasing one for your office.

  • The Kids Night toy Zamboni giveaway coincides with the 60th anniversary of the ice-resurfacing machine which made its NHL debut in 1954 by the Boston Bruins. Kids Night also marks the return of local organist Dave Calendine, who will accompany fans with the sounds of old-time hockey throughout the game.

    These toy Zambonis are on sale at the Hospitality Room in the Midwest Wireless Civic Center during home MSU Hockey games. Go pick one up at the next game!

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