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Prextex Battery Powered Walking Dinosaur Toy That Roars And Shakes While Eyes Are Blinking

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  • Toss or donate toys that are missing many of their pieces as well as toys that are too bulky and drive you crazy. Also, if a toys just doesn’t offer opportunities for higher level thinking during play, then there is not need to keep it.

    A) If you would like to have more control from week to week as to which toys are chosen, then find a spacious place to store most of your toys. If you need to spread out your toy collection into multiple locations, then keep all the toys from one category in one closet. For example, all the imaginative play toys are in your son’s closet and all the gross-motor toys are in the playroom closet, etc… This makes it easy to select one toy from each category, every week.

  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys () are expected to be some of the best sellers this holiday season, and many may sell out closer to the holidays. Along with the new Doc McStuffins toys, which are related to another new show, Disney Jr. should have a very good showing with their holiday sales revenue. Visit for other toys that are hand-picked and recommended by the editors.

    D) It can be helpful to post a list of themes on the closet wall or storage containers as it can be hard to remember which toys have been used recently. I recommend that clients rotate toys using themes based upon your imaginative play toys (ex. farm, kitchen, doll, construction, etc…). This way, you can still have control over which toys are displayed, while ensuring that most toys make it to the floor every month or two. It can be fun to try and find toys from each category that match your theme. For an example, see my toys pictured in the primary educational functions list above as they are examples from my construction-themed week.

  • Hi Claire- Thank you! For households with children of multiple ages, I suggest choosing a few toys for each age group. Sometimes older children love a chance to play with “baby” toys again. Older children use toys geared for younger children in new creative ways and younger children will either ignore or challenge themselves with more advanced toys (or just try to chew them!). If a toy for an older child is unsafe for younger ones, then select a safe area (perhaps in the older child’s room) to rotate toys special for the older child. I do this in my 4 yr old’s room. One week I will put out a gear building set, one week intricate space shuttle toys, the next a train track set, small legos, etc…

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Toys have changed a lot since the 80s. Yesterday’s Atari is today’s Wii, Cabbage Patch Kids are being given a run for their money by the new Bratz kids in town and Bart Simpson is probably more popular than Inspector Gadget ever was. All that aside, 80s toys are seriously awesome and we want to know, what were your favourites? Which toy could you simply not live without?