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Do you have any favorite travel games for kids? Please share what works for you!

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    Print and laminate the printable travel games for kids (preferably on .) Use dry erase markers to reuse them! If you just want to use them once, print on regular printer paper and use a pen, marker, or crayons.

    Hitting the road with the family this summer? Check out these fun Travel Games for Kids to take with you. We tried each of them and my kids give them all big thumbs up!

  • Take a peak at these 3 new printable travel games for kids. They can be easily printed from home and taken on a road trip. You can even use these games when the kids get bored on short car ride to Grandma’s house.

    Another advantage of printable travel games for kids is that they don’t take up much space or have a lot of loose pieces to get lost in every nook and cranny of the car. In fact, all you need is a few sheets of paper and a writing utensil or two.

  • Whether your family is flying the friendly skies, taking a train, or road trippin’ it, you’re going to need to keep your offspring occupied. Thankfully, many board games come in travel sizes to entertain kids on the go. Card games and board games keep minds active during the journey, at restaurants and back in the hotel room. Here are my picks for the best travel games for kids from preschoolers, to grade school kids, to tweens and teens.

Printable Travel Games for Kids - In The Playroom

So what are the Top Travel Games for Kids right now? Let’s see! We’ve also added fun activities that aren’t really games, but they keep the kiddos entertained in the car.