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  • The variety of pet bird supplies and specifically on the market today might seem like overkill to new pet bird owners, but those experienced in avian behavior and care know that different types of bird toys are made for a reason. Just like children, birds have likes and dislikes when it comes to toys. Birds also enjoy variety to keep their interest piqued (again, just like your children do), and different toys stimulate important bird behaviors that are exhibited in the wild.

    Children all across the world are dreaming of the wonderful toys they’ll be receiving for the holidays … while their parents pray that the toys their children are gifted don’t drive them to the brink of madness before . If you have children on your gift list this year, their parents would like you to be aware of the five worst types of toys to give them…

  • Here's a list of six types of toys you might want to cross off your list when buying gifts for young children. Each has a high potential risk for eye injuries — especially if used by young children without adult supervision and guidance:

    Birds enjoy a wide range of activities, and bird owners can be on the lookout to see which types of toys their bird might enjoy. Some toys provide comfort by allowing cuddling and snuggling, some require manipulation and problem solving, while others encourage preening. Foraging toys encourage birds to work for their food, as they would in the wild; while exercise toys like swings and ladders promote physical activity. Foot toys allow birds to hold and grasp, building dexterity through an enjoyable activity. Chewing toys are also important, and bird owners should know that these toys will be destroyed and need to be replaced.

  • For those parents looking to give their normal child a head start, it’s amazing how powerful these types of sensory toys can be, however it’s important to realize that they’re not just toys, but so much more.

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For children with ADD or ADHD, are a good option to keep their hands and fingers busy while the brain is engaged. These toys can effectively help with self regulation, promote focus and concentration, decrease stress and provide tactile awareness. There are many different types of fidget toys but the most helpful ones offer an experience with different or extreme textures and an effective medium to keep fingers busy. Some examples are: