The Ungame Over 4 million sold - Translated into 14 languages

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The Ungame
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Pocket Ungame - All Ages Version

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  • Later, they let their neighbors borrow the game to play with their children; the oldest son took it to his school psychology class, and his teacher asked for copies. Soon, a company was founded by someone whose family was dramatically changed by playing The Ungame. The new Ungame Company began to produce and market it, and as their line expanded, it was renamed . In 2008, the sales topped 4 million in more than 14 languages. The Ungame was the first non-competitive learning/communication game on the market and has been used in schools, churches, businesses, counseling centers, hospitals, and prisons, as well as in families and party settings.

    The Ungame has a number of variations and expansions available: full board, pocket size card games (in age-specific versions), and a Christian version.

  • The Ungame is a non-competitive learning/communication created by Rhea Zakich in 1972. It is a which "fosters listening skills as well as self-expression".

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  • Rhea Zakich
    Creator of the Ungame, Speaker, Workshop Leader

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