And here are some general tips about buying used baby gear:

But what’s safe to buy used and what should you only buy new? We break down the DOs and DON’Ts of used baby gear:

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  • As I look over the things he’s outgrown to make way for things that’ll fit and stimulate him as he develops, there are several things that never saw much use. We have been lucky that some were either gifted or easily listed on Gumtree to make a couple of bucks (every penny counts!), but I thought I might share our 3 least used baby gear and ask if anyone else saw much use of these during their newborns’ first year.

    Selling used baby gear, toys, clothes and books can be difficult, but the easiest way is to have a garage sale or go to a re-sale shop. Sell used baby items using tips in this free video from a professional nanny about child care.

  • As for used baby gear, strollers are at the top of the list. "They are grotesquely overpriced retail," says Hagopian, who landed her double jogging stroller for free on Craigslist because it was disassembled and had some dirt on it. A little water and cleaning solution later, Hagopian's free, used stroller looked brand new.

    I’m sure we would’ve had more if we bought everything we were told we would need. In many ways, being very conscious of the limited space in our apartment has prevented too much waste. Otherwise our 3 least used baby gear might have been 10 or 20. Eek!

  • So where can you find the items above that are okay to buy used? I’d feel most comfortable getting a used car seat from someone I know and really trust. However, for the other items, can be great resources for gently used baby gear as can local and local groups.

Safe Crib for Baby 2011 ~ Plus Safe Used Baby Gear

In addition to deciding on the perfect baby name and the most city-friendly baby stroller and car seat, there’s another baby-gear related decision you’re likely grappling with: whether to go for new or used baby gear.