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Disney Infinity Vanellope Figure

Disney Infinity Vanellope Interactive Game Figure

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  • Vanellope Von Schweetz Racer - Wreck-It Ralph - First Look - Deboxed - Vanellope Mini Figure - Free Standing - Full Right Front View on Flickriver">

    Though touched by Vanellope's gesture, Ralph reluctantly denies Vanellope's desire to head to the race. Confused at Ralph's sudden change of heart, Vanellope asks why, but before he can explain further, she notices Ralph's medal around the latter's neck, immediately becoming suspicious. In hopes of easing the confusion, Ralph begins to explain by claiming he was speaking to King Candy, but this leads to Vanellope immediately figuring the bad-guy ratted her out to the king in exchange for his original medal. The tension leads to a mild, but growing argument, resulting in Vanellope making the decision to race without Ralph's help. Ralph, refusing to risk Vanellope's safety, denies once more and hooks the young glitch on a branch by her clothes and proceeds to destroy her kart. Vanellope tries to stop Ralph, but to no avail. With her kart destroyed, along with her dreams of winning the race and getting a better life, a heartbroken Vanellope runs off in tears, and the downhearted Ralph returns to his game. At some point after Ralph's departure, King Candy captures Vanellope and imprisons her in his "fungeon".

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