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Arkham Villain Action Figure 3 Pack Harleen Quinzel Electrocutione r Lady Shiva.

DC Collectibles Comics The New 52: Super Heroes vs. Super Villains Action Figure, 7-Pack

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  • Director Shane Black has been out promoting The Nice Guys (in theaters this weekend), and a recent interview saw part of the discussion steer towards Iron Man 3 and some of the difficulties he had on the production. One surprising revelation that came from the discussion was that the primary villain in the movie, played by Guy Pearce, was originally slated to be a female character. But Marvel forced a change in the character’s gender because they believed a female villain action figure wouldn’t sell as well. Wow.

    An assortment of vintage Star Wars villain action figures. This collection of figures by Kenner includes Darth Vader, Star Troopers, an Imperial Fighter Pilot, Boba Fett, Jawas, and more.

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