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The Vortex Blaster

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  • K-Vortex Air Blaster systems are available for use in the most demanding high and low temperature applications and environments in the cement, steel, power stations, chemical, incinerators, fertilizer, and any other industries with powdery and granular storage with potential material flow problem.

    Kinder Australia’s K-Vortex Air Blaster is a revolutionary and reliable air cannon system to improve material flow as a cost-effective solution for removing build up and blockages occurring in silos, hoppers, kilns pre-heater, cyclones, kilns and other industrial machinery.

  • That gun that we speak of? The Nerf Vortex Pyragon Blaster. This Nerf shooter incorporate a Tommy Gun like design by including a barrel like cartridge that can hold up to 40 Nerf discs. To load it to full you simply add ten discs at a time and rotate the barrel accordingly until max capacity has been reached. And unlike some other Nerf guns, which rely on a battery to power the action, this one uses a shotgun like trigger which allows you to fire Nerf discs in rapid succession. You can also attach any of Nerf’s Tactical Rail accessories, such as the Light Beam Unit or Pinpoint Sight.

    Nerf has been saving their major releases for their anniversary in September and in 2011 they shook the Nerf world with the release of the of blasters. The Vortex line broke the current mold of foam projectile play by introducing a new ammo type, the XLR disc. These Frisbee inspired foam discs are only the first part of the major innovations brought to the table. The Proton offered a new way to load your single shot blaster through a slide mechanism reminiscent of an old laundry machine. The took internal clips to a new level via a little childhood inspiration, really, they modeled the clip mechanism off a Pez dispenser. Discs met clips with the Praxis, a pump action blaster with plenty of get up and go. Being the first of the Vortex blasters to offer the 10 round completely redesigned disc clip, the Praxis also sported a newly designed removable shoulder stock. Not to be undone, the Nitron completed the set with battery operated fly wheel fueled awesomeness, complete with an exclusive 20 round clip and a light up tactical rail sight. Shortly after the full launch of the series, Nerf made fans happy by adding disc refill kits and finally started selling clips separately, though it’s only the 10 rounder. I am fully impressed with the Vortex blasters, they are awesome for both indoor and outdoor use. The discs get a lot of hang time and fly farther than their N-Strike equivalent pretty much consistently. Get out there and pick them up if you don’t have them already, they are just simply that cool.

    Title: Vortex Blaster
    Author(s): E E "Doc" Smith
    Publisher: Amazing Sci-Fi Classics
    Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   

  • Title: The Vortex Blaster
    Author(s): Edward E Smith
    ISBN: 1-4995-1400-X / 978-1-4995-1400-1 (USA edition)
    Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
    Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

    In addition to being automatic, the Nitron is also customizable with the Tactical Rail System that is compatible with Vortex and N-Strike Mission Kit accessories for a battlefield experience! Offering long-range, high-powered disc-blasting technology, NERF Vortex blasters hurl ultra-distance discs for the battle experience!

The Vortex Blaster by E. E. "Doc" Smith - epubBooks

Vortex Blaster
Each Ranger has a massive weapon acting like Blasters that shoot large bolts of energy. The Vector weapons combine to create this blaster. It fires massive energy bolts that can finish a Mutant in two shots.