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Leviton 80703-W 1-Gang Duplex Device Receptacle Wallplate, Standard Size, Thermoplastic Nylon, Device Mount, White

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  • Not everyone wants to leave their computer powered up, every time they need to charge a device via USB. That's why some people use wall outlet adapter plugs, or they wire in new outlets that contain USB ports. The new SnapPower Charger, however, offers an alternative. It's a wall outlet cover plate that provides 1 amp of USB power, with no rewiring or extra hardware necessary.

    These days most things we use require a wall outlet or power socket. Wall Outlets and power sockets are usually boring, they are white and are fixed to the wall. However we’ve found some innovative and clever wall outlets and cover designs which think outside the box with creativity!

  • Add that extra military style touch to a young man's room with the Borders Unlimited Camo wall outlet cover. Little touches such as the outlet over add to the overall theme in a boy's room. Turn that necessary wall fixture into colorful and decorative add on. The wall outlet covers are Resin based, standard size outlet cover complete with color coordinated screws for a premium look! Boxed packaging. Made in China

    Have you ever wondered why the hell they made USB? The thing is just a plug for another plug, it seems very repetitive and counter-productive. Wasn’t USB meant to bring all electronics together, relying on one way of charging, rather than switching from one source to another, never knowing if the product you get is able to charge using what you have, or whether you have to put down another twenty bucks just to get what you should have already had. So that problem has been taken care of. Now, all that you need to worry about is where to plug that USB cord into. Most have a wall plug-in that is bulky and a space-hog. Well worry no more! The SnapPower Charger: A USB Wall Outlet Cover was made to eliminate all that trouble of plugging and plugging and unplugging and losing pieces and going insane over the lack of plug-in space.

    All-purpose Electrical Outlet,Wall Outlet Cover, 2-Outl... All-purpose Electrical Outlet,Wall Outlet Cover, 2-Outl...
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