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Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster

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  • Hey guys! ExxotikGaming here back with another Pixel Gun 3D weapon review, and today's review is on the Water Rifle UP2. Definitely not a weapon worth the price, as you can see how much I struggle to get good gameplay throughout the video. You might be able to do decent with this at a low level, but forget it if you are above level 18.

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    If you drive a mini-sub to work, learned Russian as your first language and have a closet full of wetsuits, odds are you may have a working knowledge of the better known in the west as the APS. It’s the world’s only known underwater assault rifle and its James Bond-style interesting.

  • Still, the APS is limited in its effectiveness and in 2000 it was replaced in Spetsnaz use by the ASM-DT rifle, a 5.45x39mm hybrid rifle that could fire either special underwater rounds while submerged or standard AK-74 rounds when on the surface. Even this new gun is thought to soon be replaced by the ADS, which would be Russia’s third generation of underwater assault rifle.

    The barrels of underwater pistols are typically not . Rather, the fired projectile maintains its underwater by effects. The lack of rifling renders these weapons relatively inaccurate when fired out of water. Underwater rifles are more powerful than underwater pistols and more accurate out of water, but underwater pistols can be manipulated more easily underwater.

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    APS underwater assault rifle[permanent dead link]

  • The Water Rifle is very bulky in design, it has the same light blue receiver as the , but also features a black handle an orange/red frame around the gun. It also sports a clear water cartage, a long grey barrel with four red buttons on each side, a red muzzle, and the same, water gauge as in the .

APS Underwater Rifle; Brøndby Military Rifle; ..

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Soak your friends from a distance with the Super Water Blaster Rifle. This water gun uses pressure to shoot the water further than any normal water gun. All you need to do is put water into the tank and pump the gun to build pressure and you are good to go. Your friends will be out gunned by your Super Water Blaster Rifle's superior reach and water stream. Never be out gunned on the battlefield.


•Solid Plastic Construction
•Pressurized Water Gun
•Detachable Bipod
•Carrying Strap

•Length: 26 Inches

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