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Where S Spot

Where's Spot?

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  • This is a great lift-the-flap book for young children, especially early readers. Children can tell what is happening by looking at the pictures. They are able to be engaged in the text by opening the different flaps to see if Spot is there and when he isn’t, they can name and imitate the different animals that they see. This book is terrific for children who are hands-on learners. This book is also good for emergent bilingual children in Spanish/English. The book has been translated into Spanish, enabling children to experience the book in a second language. The words in the book are large and clear, making it easy for children to read along with adults. There are also many repeated words and phrases in the book, which is good for children learning a new language or to read because they can point to the words that they have already seen/the words they know. All of this makes Where is Spot? a great book for early literacy.

    Sally the dog is looking for Spot the puppy in this classic lift-the-flap book by Hill. Join Sally in her search as she looks under the bed, in a piano, in a clock, and other possible hiding places. Toddlers will get a thrill as they lift the flaps and see what animal surprises they will find. Bold images, with simple colors make this book ideal for the eyes of little ones. Where is Spot? You will have fun finding out! Category: Books & Babies; Read Aloud. Grade Level: Babies; Toddlers; Preschool. 1980, Putnam. Ages 0 to 5.

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