Check out the XDA Dev post on one of the WiiControl apps here:

You clearly misunderstand me. I’m stating that it replaces it in function. Will will be recognized as a Wii Classic Controller by the Wii U.

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  • So yes, the adapter will almost certainly fool the console to recognize the Gamecube controller as a Wii Classic Controller. The console wasn’t built with GC controller functionality in mind, thus the adapter.

    The way I see it being described, it will operate as a Wii classic controller, so it should logically work in Wii mode. It will be useful for those who want to play games like Project with gamecube controllers, and it if it truly lagless, that will allow people to bring their Wii U to tournaments.

  • I somehow doubt that it will be its own controller option due to the need of an adapter. It seems to only be something they put out for Smash players. It is most likely just map classic controller buttons to the Gamecube pad. The choice must be because the original Wii Classic controller also has analogue triggers.

    What tipped me off that it will in fact not be like a Wii U pro controller replacement is that it will work with Brawl, a Wii game. Wii U Pro controllers do not work with Wii games. On the Wii U, you must use a Wii Classic controller to play in Wii mode.

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  • But the Wii Classic Controller works by communicating through the wii remote. It makes no sense that it would interpret a wired connection the same way. If anything, it’ll act as a less capable pro controller (though analog triggers make it more capable in that respect), though I assume it’ll function as its own thing – a new controller option. They wouldn’t gimp it by only giving it the functionality of the classic controller.

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