Wild Pets Spider TV Spot, 'Freak Out Your Family'

Wild Pets Spider TV Spot, 'Freak Out Your Family'

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Wild Pets Spider Habitat Playset

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  • Koji claimed that his Wild Spider is undefeated and used it in a game against . However Koji cheated by punching Yugi and stealing his Monster Fighter equipment.

    tracked down Koji and used monster, to face Wild Spider again. As the game was a , which caused the players to take damage instead of their monsters, Koji's face was cracked in the first set, as Wild Spier took a hit. Wild Spider got frozen in the next round. To avoid losing, Koji cheated by kicking Yugi. Dark Yugi then raised the shadow mode to level three. When Koji tried to cheat again, his monsters, including Wild Spider held him down. With Wild Spider at his feat, Koji's monster was replaced with his evil side personified.

  • The wild spider flower (Pak Sian) is herbaceous stems, erect, up to 80 cm tall. It has 3-6 oblong shaped leaves per stem, and leaflets on pale stalks. Maturity is in 35-40 days after sowing.

    There aren’t any scatter symbol or bonus feature or free spins or random progressive jackpot at this classic slots. But in my opinion Wild Spider allows to have a rest from features packed 5 reel 20+ paylines video slots. This is a good exemplar for other developers how a couple of features can make classic slot machine interesting, fun and well-known. Great choice for those who is looking to play simple 3 reel slot.

    Wild Spider


    Wild Spider

    Secret Attack

    Death Trap

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    • Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 043
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 044

  • Wild Spider Flower   

    Wild Pets Spider is a winner. It's a well-designed toy which enough modes to keep the interest of its owner. While we're not sure that the habitat is a worthy upgrade, or if it can truly be tamed, we're certain that kids will love Wild Pets despite those insignificant concerns.

Tame the wild with the Wild Pets Spider Habitat Playset

Get your own pet spider with Wild Pets Spider. Pick up your pet spider and pet him. Your touch controls his behaviour but beware he feels and moves just like a real spider! Leave your spider alone and he will creep around in a small area. One touch will put the Spider in explore mode but if you press and hold the sensor look out as your spider will be in Attack Mode and will chase down any target! With LED colour changing light up eyes to indicate what mode your spider is in. Creepster, Eyegore, Chiller and Wolfgang each have their own distinctive colour.