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Wish World Kids
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I wish the world.........

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  • I wish the world..... would show more justice, the world isn't fair but sometimes there is no justice in the actions of ones self or the actions of others, life will never be fair but you sometimes need justice to survive and thrive in the world

    I wish the world... would show the beauty of life, everyday people are works of beauty, you and I are works of beauty, nature is beauty, life is beauty, books and poems are beauty, friends and neighbors are beauty, and family and religion is beauty

  • I wish the world....would lead us in a better direction of life, we could be more peaceful, more caring, more compassionate, more disciplined, more confident, and more like ourselves

    I wish the world....would show a vision of what the world would be without, drugs, without abuses, without violence, without hate, without war, without loss, and suffering, and homelessness

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    I wish the world... would invent more of everything, more cures, more survivals, more love, more hope, more forgiveness, more respect, more logic, more of life, and more happiness

Wish World Kids dolls by Kenner

I wish the world..... would imagine life without war, without pain, without suffering, without hate, without loss, without death, without enemies, without poverty, and without discrimination