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Large Wood Tower Game 48 pieces

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    Thus the wooden blocks create step reduction effortlessly. These twofactors - easy fog of war and step reduction - mean that a woodenblock game can achieve very sophisticated simulation with a minimum ofstrain on the gamer. This means the rules can be simple, but thesimulation doesn't suffer.

  • Consequently, even the most complicated wooden block game is still onthe low side of moderate complexity by wargame standards. But thesatisfaction of play and simulation is very high - a good combination!

    (1972). Revised editionin print. The simplest wooden block game, this recreates the battle ofQuebec in 1759, rather obviously. Wolfe vs. Montcalm. A very goodintroductory game, both to war games in general and wooden block gamesin particular. I usually play this one with beginners - the replayvalue for grognards is a bit low for a wooden block game. There areonly ten spaces (towns) on the board - movement is point to point alongthe road network, or across the St. Lawrence river by ships. Simultaneousmovement.

  • (1995). In print. Nomaps, but it has rules, scenarios, and 50 additional pieces that allowyou to combine , , and into a monster complete WWII-in-Europe game,including "what-if" scenarios. This is the only wooden block game Idon't own since I don't really have the mind-set for monster games, letalone time and opponents.

Giant "wooden block stacking game" tower

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