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• Woodland animal play figurines by Holztiger

US Toy Woodland Forest Toy Animal Figures Action Figure (1 Dozen)

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  • A collection of woodland animal figurines. This group includes ceramic painted deer by Stewart B. McCulloch, a 1956 L&M, mug, assorted tiny deer figurines, Japanese bone china figurines, a bear with googly eyes handcrafted from coal, tiny owl figurines and more.

    Wonderful Collection of Lenox Woodland Animals figurines used for display only. All are in like new condition and would make someone a fantastic Christmas present or make a collector very happy! The pieces are: 1. Afternoon Splendor (a young Fawn w/ dogwood flowers), 2. Daybreak Discovery (an Eastern Cottontail rabbit with yellow flowers), 3. Early Morning Surprise , (a Red Fox with lavendar flowers), 4. Summer Delight , (an Eastern Chipmunk w/ berries), 5. Springtime Scamper , (a Red Squirrel w/dogwood flowers), 6. Twilight Mischief , ( a Raccoon w/pink dogwood), 7. Natures Reward , (a White-Footed Mouse w/berries), 8. Autumn Adventure , (an Eastern Chipmunk w/oak leaves, acorns),9. Scent of Spring , ( a Skunk w/ lavendar flowers), 10. Spring Shadow , (a Groundhog w/ asst. flowers), 11. Woodland Worker , (an American Beaver w/ gnawed branch, tree stump), 12. Little Lookout , ( a Saw-Whet Owl in a pine tree), 13. Fruitful Pursuit , (a Box Turtle w/ berries and mushroom), 14. Woodland Sentry , (a Gray Wolf w/ tree), 15. Time Out , ( a River Otter w/flowers on a limb), 16. Playful Pursuit , ( a Black Bear Cub on a tree limb w/berries).

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  • Receive an instant $10.00 off $65.00 Spent Click here for details

Enesco Angel with Woodland Animals Figurine 9.25 IN: Home & Kitchen