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  • Nov 26, 2005. Xbox 360 launch team edition. Here's a. More than just a faceplate, this special Xbox 360 appears to sport a green grill and hard drive as well.

    Xbox 360 Launch Team 2005 Special Edition-- Posted by on November 27 01:06 EST
    Some of you might remember the special edition. It's probably one of the most (if not THE most) rare retail (original) Xbox system.
    It's a translucent green Xbox with a 'Launch Team 2001' jewel signed by Bill Gates and it came with unique 'big' translucent green controllers (the PAL and Halo1/2 green special editions came with green 's' controllers). It was sold (not even given for free) to Xbox-division employees back in 2001.
    Well it looks like Microsoft did something similar for the Xbox 360. Below is a picture of the 'Launch Team 2005' Xbox 360 special edition, courtesy John Porcaro, a PR manager on the Xbox team at Microsoft. Check out the USB door, it says "I made this". The top and bottom grill/hard drive are green and the controller has some green as well. It also has a on the harddrive top.
    (unlike the 'Xbox Launch Team 2001') these were given for free to the Xbox Team ... knowing what such a special edition could go for on ebay it's not a small gift from Microsoft

    Here are more pictures from : , , .

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  • Seller dennis_in_maltby is selling some Xbox 360 launch memorabilia. Well technically one of the items listed is actually given to the Xbox 360 launch team while the other two listed were just fun projects for the team.

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