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    And here's a size comparison shot. Terroar is much smaller than a 6" figure, about the height of a 3.75" figure (shorter in "crouching" poses), and -- -- is actually in realistic scale with 2" figures like the Transformers Human Alliance drivers. He's also a good size for menacing G4 ponies, if you want a figure to do that! But in general, while one could find various reasons to slot a dinosaur of this size into the Marvel Universe (and while the whack scale of the Transformers lines means Terroar could convincingly stand alongside many of those figures), most adult collectors will find the Xtractaurs dinosaurs to be in a class of their own in terms of scale and style. Kids and less rigid collectors, however, will have no problem crossing Terroar and company over into all manner of toy universes.

  • Most attention at CES is on things like 3D televisions and wristwatch cellphones, but those with a little turbonerd DNA are rewarded when they stop by Mattel's booth. Not only is the toy giant showing off the that lets you manipulate a ball with your thoughts, but Mattels' upcoming line of Xtractaurs dinosaur toys could have the juice to be one of this holiday's biggest hits. The Xtractaurs are a collection of plastic dinosaur action figures with little plugs somewhere on their hides. When the dino is prodded with a light-up extraction gun, DNA is "pulled" from the mighty beast and uploaded to an online arena for gene manipulation, minigames, and virtual prehistoric combat.

    At first glance Xtractaurs dinosaurs just look like your average dinosaur action figures, but they are so much more. Each Xtractaurs comes with an extraction gun which is used to extract DNA from each Xtractaurs dinosaur. Once the DNA has been extracted, you’ll be able to unlock an online gaming experience where Xtractaurs dinosaurs can battle each other. Kids will also be able to unlock new games and features and even combine different DNA to create their own unique Xtractaurus hybrid Dinosaurs. Xtractaurs will be available in July.

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The Xtractaurs Starter Kit contains a T-Rex dinosaur action figure, extraction tool, and installation CD. Kids can use the extraction tool to extract the dinosaur’s DNA and then download the DNA to a computer. Kids can mix and match DNA from 15 different dinosaur action figures to customize their virtual dinosaur’s attributes and fighting powers. Once created, kids can train their Xtractaur hybrid dinosaur in one of five arcade style games to gain skill and power, and ultimately take on the mighty Megavores (bad guys) in the online Battle Zone.