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  • Because The YO Bunny Klub is an enigma wrapped in a labyrinth, and because The YO Bunny Klub makes its own rules, the final quality is the ability to negate all the others that are not recognized as acceptable.

    Being a YO Bunny is as difficult to describe as to define. We can dialogue about effortless swagger and dazzling wit; but being a YO Bunny is ultimately characterized by the nearly indescribable effect of his appearance and demeanor on the spectator. His garments are designed to please and add elegance and swagger to his presentation; not make him stand out a mile away. His taste in women is of the highest caliber; as can be duly noted by the beauty on his arm. Further, a true YO Bunny has an utter indifference to making money combined with a marked facility for spending it. The French call such effect a je ne sais quoi; in Hollywood it’s called having “it”; in Italy they call it Vivali; YO Bunnies call it preserving your sexy…being young fly and flashy is not only a culture… it’s a YO Bunny Klub way of life.

  • Founded in Washington, DC in 2005, The YO Bunny Klub was originated by four cultured gentlemen of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated as an EXCLUSIVE Society. The necessity of this group of meticulously established trend setters was based upon the need to exemplify faultless attire, prodigious gifts of eye for detail, sense of style, refined language, simulating conversation, art, music, literature, poetry, politics and the cultivation of other leisurely hobbies as a way of imposing order and beauty on an ugly and chaotic world. Through expansion members of this society have touched a myriad of places throughout the world.

    Senior Developer @behance. Founder of @thefojo. NUPE, WAHOO, #babylonian, Boss member of the Yo Bunny Klub Syndicate. Kinda like yakuza only smoother. #heron

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