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Yoshi Teddy Bear

Super Mario Bros Yoshi with Egg Set of 2 pcs Soft Plush Figure Toy Anime Stuffed Animal Child Gift Doll

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  • I won a yoshi teddy and I gave it to my brother Ethan. Ethan loves yoshi because Mario is his favorite game. After, I got a Mario one because they had two. So we were both happy.
    Spruce Run School, Grade 1

    Yoshi one of the most favourite super mario characters out there! He made his first appearance in the awesome game super mario world on the snes, and ever since his appearance many people consider him one of or even the best super mario character. He was loved so much that nintendo gave him his own game super mario world 2: Yoshi's island. And since then yoshi has many other games that involve him being the main character.

    The teddy itself is a great representation of yoshi, he looks like how yoshi should look (some times you get these items and the teddy looks nothing like the actual character) He has his saddle and his boots and even his big green mouth! Most characters in video games tend to change their appearance from time to time, yoshi hasn't changed much but if you were to compare which game they have decided to base this yoshi from I would say he looks like the yoshi in super mario 64. Overall this yoshi teddy ticks all the right boxes he looks high quality and not cheap and tacky, he still has the cuteness look about him and overall is a good nintendo item to purchase especially if your a nintendo fan.

  • Toby & fursibz Carolyn SassyCassyCat BonBon yoshi neale Teddy Charlie Angel Good dey is givin stuff fwee, dey gud. Yoshi's New Island is seriously hurt by the animations on Yoshi's model. not anywhere near expressive enough, they look sluggish. Johnny MainStage Chris i have won 20 plus tournaments with him he doesn't hack lmfao. yoshi neale Profisher Elwood PhD Beansy Weansy SassyCassyCat Kevin the Whippet Chelle and Kye Cat Henry lisa reed beakinup. Skeeter Maghee Carolyn Angel Good yoshi neale has u seen em yet, some is on utube if u wants da links. Toby & fursibz Biscuit Archie ThePatterdale she mights keep it for herself bol. Kevin the Whippet Toby & fursibz Carolyn BonBon yoshi neale Teddy Charlie Angel Good he will!he usually good :-). Jill_M Holiday Song I hate the alterations of Yoshi's sound effects maybe the most. Uuugh. SassyCassyCat Toby & fursibz yoshi neale Teddy Angel Good BonBon Carolyn Charlie oo, hope so, u likes dat. Carolyn Angel Good Kevin the Whippet yoshi neale it was karaoke? sounds cute. brando NancyCakeFace yoshi neale Teddy and Winnie Skeeter Maghee BonBon wellington/pickle Charli3dog Same to u, bwando.

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