Zipper crib sheets are amazing!

QuickZip Hipper Zipper Crib Sheet

QuickZip, the Faster Safer Easier Crib Sheet, 3 Zip-On Sheets in 100% Organic Cotton + 1 Wraparound Total Security Base in 100% Cotton, in White

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  • We’re two babies in and LOVE the quick zip crib sheets. I’m definitely buying them in twin bed size when our oldest graduates this year. The sheets always make our Top 10 list for our new parent friends. They would be perfect for bunk beds!

    Finally ready to transition your little one from a crib to a toddler bed? A Zipper Crib Sheet will make the transition a little easier! Our zipper bed sheets for toddler beds are attached at the foot of the bed with zippers up each side. There is an area left open for ventilation if your child gets warm at night. Zip the sides up for a tucked in feeling or leave them unzipped, either way, the bedding stays in place and your child's cover is in reach. These sheets will even keep a small child from rolling out of a toddler bed. Please note, these are not for children under the age of 2. They should be used for toddlers or young children ages 2-5. When your child is ready for a standard twin or full size bed, we have Kids Zip Sheets to fit those beds too!

  • I was recently given the opportunity to review the Quick Zip Sheet made by Clouds and Stars, Inc($34.99). Included in my package were the Quick Zip Crib Sheet Set, the Flat Mattress Pad, and the Portable Play Yard Sheet. Upon receiving the products, I read through the information pamphlet and instructions, then promptly ripped the old crib sheet off the mattress and got to work!

    Our Zipper Crib Sheet is the perfect, first toddler bed bedding for boys or girls. They are named crib size because they fit a crib size mattress which is the same size mattress used in most toddler beds. These sheets are NOT to be used for babies, infants, or children under the age of 2. For safety purposes, babies and infants should sleep in a crib with no pillows, top sheets, blankets, or stuffed animals – just a fitted bed sheet. It is not until the age of 2 that other bedding can be introduced.

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  • QuickZip Crib Sheet Set, White
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    Clouds and Stars Quickzip Crib Zipper Sheet can be zipped on and off the zipper base easily and quickly. Made of 100% cotton, it fits tightly and does not pull off the crib mattress no matter how much kids toss and turn.

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The world's easiest crib sheet! This innovative QuickZip Crib Sheet is designed to be simple, safe and stylish. The top zips off the base for easy changing. (base sold seperately) Place the mattress in the zipper base, lay the flat mattress pad on the mattress and zip on the top. When the Zipper Sheet is soiled, just unzip it - no need to remove bumpers - and slip on a clean one. 200-thread count, 100% cotton, fits mattresses 52" x 27" and 4.5"-7" thick - standard crib and toddler bed mattresses.