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Studio Zoo - Bellydancer - Original Mix

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    The Zoozoo Tribal Dance

    Look at The Way these Zoozoos are dancing πŸ˜› It Makes You laugh and Laugh and Laugh with the Kind of Tribal Dance. The Impressive Song which they Sing.. Chinge Thodee.. Chinge Thodee.. Chinge Thodee Chingunam… The way they step to this the Music, The way these Zoozoos are Dressed up like Tribes, Leaves over its abdomen, and the Kind of Mark on their Faces, The Arrows which they are Holding… I Cannot Stop Laughing

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    The Innocent Victim Zoozoo in Hot Stove!

    This Picture, As You See Above, Look at the Condition of The Victim zoozoo which is sitting inside a Large Container which is Actually Kept on Hot Fire! Its Burning! and Other Forest Hunter Zoozoos Dancing round it showing arrow and scaring it Further (They are Happy that they gonna have a Nice Feast to Night).. The Desperate Look of that Caught Innocent zoozoo gives me a Kind of Emotional Feeling πŸ˜›

  • This is what I know off the top of my head, there's lots of other songs where members of Zoo appear dancing on podiums or amongst the audience but I've left those out.

    looking through more epsiodes, at the start of 5-11-81 Zoo members are in shot at the start of the show and then go on to dance behind Modern romance (almost identical to when legs did it on 3-9-81) Also on 24-12-81 Zoo are dancing with the audience on the playout track and it looks like Anita is having a balloon fight with someone!

  • yes i remember the hold my hand clip with ken dodd and the audience joining in with the dance ,and yes there were some members of zoo present if i remember correctly this edition was the one where sue did her solo to ill find my way home and 3 other members of zoo danced along with godley and creme to wedding bells ,i think it was 3 dancers with the name of tony pinky and another bloke who i cant recall the name ,if you look carefully im sure sue is on there on the ken dodd single ,mingled in with the audience and raising her arms along to the song ,there are a lot of clips that zoo danced along with the audience to groups or singers during their time on totp ,but unless they did a seperate dance routine on their own ,i havent listed it on the database ,on one clip of heaven 17 song come live with me their are 2 dancers gyrating on stage which anyone viewing the clips now ,would think they were the totp dancers ,but a lot of the time in 82 -83 ,cheerleaders as they were called were placed either on the stage or in the audience and would gyrate along to a song ,im sure they all werent proffesional dancers ,and none of these were ever credited as zoo,but i dont remember the clip you have for the come live with me number ,anyway thank you very much bucksby for sending the zoo clips ,it is very kind of you and appreciated

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